Antares tire together with Horizon Tire, successfully entered Wal-Mart

  • 2018.11.17
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As early as 2014, Antares tire became the only Chinese certified tire supply brand of Wal-mart, which is largest retail company in the world. With our own strong competitiveness, Antares tire  strives against the wind and breaks through the opposite trend. After US China Tire Special Protection Case in 2012, together with HORIZON TIRE INC., a well-known tire dealer in the United States, Antares was quickly sold well in various regions of North America and became a very popular tire product there. Joining hands with HORIZON TIRE INC, Antares tire has taken advantage of strong network of global retail giant Wal-mart to capture the north American market with as many as 2,800 tire sales outlets in the United States alone.

HORIZON TIRE and WALMART have already signed a formal cooperation agreement in early March 2016, and successfully sold Antares tires under its agency in more than 2,800 supermarkets and online mall of WALMART.