The name “Antares” originated a huge red star (Scorpio constellation) in the Galaxy,  because the outstanding tire wear resistance and excellent surface adaptability, and its characteristics similar to the scorpion.

Antares tire, is synonymous with aggressiveness and durability.

Antares represents the brand philosophy of courage and fearlessness ahead. Through many years of research and development technology, Antares tire have achieved its highest degree of adaptability and the supremacy of stable and reliable performance. Antares, as a new force in the tire industry, represents the awakening future and has such a strong vitality. Antares has: Innate brand advantage, strong quality technology, and innovative pattern design.

Antares tire to open up a new pattern of tires in the world with innovative technology, a strong R & D center, professional R & D team to continuously improve the ability of technological innovation, tire products with the wear, safety, comfort to win the trust of global owners. Antares tire products have already covered a variety of mid-range to high-end car tires, off-road tires, ultra-high performance tires, snow tires, run-flat tires.